Legion to Carney: Death Benefits Not a 'Gimmick'

"A national disgrace,” is how American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger characterized the White House’s opposition to legislation passed by the House and the Senate which would restore the death benefits to the families of fallen military servicemembers.

“Even in the atmosphere of extreme gridlock that currently exists in Congress, both the House and the Senate, in a rare spirit of bipartisanship, have agreed that these benefits must be restored at once,” Dellinger said. “Today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney called the legislation a ‘gimmick.’ We strongly disagree. It is a sacred obligation.”

Dellinger praised the Fisher Foundation for temporarily paying the benefits, but stressed that it is the responsibility of the federal government to fund such obligations. “The generosity shown by the Fisher Foundation is truly amazing,” he said. “But President Lincoln promised to ‘care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan.’ Today the president has made a mockery of that promise.”

Dellinger plans to hold a press conference at the Indiana War Memorial Tuesday afternoon  to address the issue and other areas impacted by the government shutdown. This follows an earlier appearance by Dellinger and other Legionnaires at the national World War II Memorial last week.


  1. I am shocked that the Republicans are getting the blame for the shutdown! They sent a bill(from the House) to the Senate to continue to pay everything but in that bill was also a one year delay on implementation of the Healthcare. Dems refused to even vote on the the House bill. Think of the fiasco of the recent attempted implementation that could have been avoided.
  2. Mr. Pratt: Where do you get your information? From NBS CBS ABS COMM news net or other heavily biased MSM? I call as I see em. There has only been one party that is so lock-stepped and without honor to force their agenda on every citizen, that they will block all funding bills from getting through to the man in the chair at the WH( "I am a Christian" "The most beautiful sound I have ever heard is the Muslim call to prayer in the Morning"-Not "Amazing Grace" Not "A Mighty Fortress is our God" Not "ISN'T HE"- Not even "Rock of Ages" Not even Christmas Carols? and not even "TAPS"(which I myself have tears for all the fallen which that beautiful piece was and is now played for. No! Not even NOT EVEN "The National Anthem" "America the Beautiful", "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean" He cares for the Military? How about Four AM unanswered phone call for help from Brothers in Arms now dead disobeying orders and saving those that would have died otherwise? No Congressional Medal of Honor for Them? I AM DISGUSTED. Do more research and remember that a lot of Journalists came from the 60's and are spreading their lies and anti-American agenda. Have they ever condemned "Hanoi Jane for Aid and comfort to the enemy? How about the POWs that were tortured and some died because they trusted her and she unpatriotic ally turned their Social Security numbers over to the CONG!!! Wake up and know who the REAL enemy of the Veterans are.
  3. jim pratt I could not of said any better time to tell the republicans to do there job and pay our bills and open the govt.
  4. Why thank the President ? The CIC was responsible for them not getting money in the first place. Shame on the Legion.
  5. The republicans in the House are who caused this mess. They refused, and STILL refuse, to allow a vote on a clean Continuing Resolution. There are still THOUSANDS of critical government functions which are not taking place because the republicans are extortionists and holding them hostage. Nuclear facilities are on reduced staffing- a critical national security issue. Veterans Benefits are not being processed, a disgrace at the feet of right-wing tea bagger Congressmen. Children are not being fed, senior meals on wheels are adversely affected. The FAA is not inspecting airlines. The FDA is not inspection meat plants. The CDC and the National Institute of Health are not able to track a salmonella outbreak that is happening this week . ALL are the result of the failure of the republicans to carry out their constitutional duties. Doing the high-visibility little known spending bills one at a time isn't the right answer. Only a clean Continuing Resolution to put ALL the government back to work, can address ALL the issues. Republicans are destroying America. It is time for all Legionnaires to stand up and protect America from the republicans bent on destroying American government.
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