Homeless female vets on Oprah today

‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ will be devoted to homeless female veterans today. Check local listings in your area for time.

Click here for more information.


  1. I would like to know why our men and women give a life of dedication and have to spend 20 or more years to be entitled to pension when our members of congress spend less time and get over 150,00 or more for pension? Our military members are government workers in a sense and have a difficult job maintaining peace and freedom. As far as health care I do believe our military deserves the same health care as members of congress who some have not seen a day of service in which they felt their life was on the line. What a robbery and crime.
  2. One solution to homeless veterans is to force the military to end the (twenty year) requirement for retirement vesting. The Federal Government requires employers to have a vesting at five yeas. I suggest that at each enlistment, I repeat each enlistment starting at induction, a service person should be vested into a state of retirement. Then at each re-enlistment that vesting or certainty of retirement incrementally improved in monetary value. Homelessness is a state of hopelessness this is an element of hope. Medical assurance for life through the VA as a component of vesting; assurance! no need to make application. By maligning application during enlistment to the VA for medical or any educational benefit afforded a veteran. The VA should be the veteran’s medical record, point of contact; whenever a notation is made to service persons medical record, it should belong to the veteran, at the VA. What I am saying is welcome to the electronic age.
  3. Why would anybody want to risk there life for a country that don't give a damn about anybody but them selves. I'm a Vietnam vet and thanks to these socialist pig i see my country going straight down the toilet.We need to get rid of the problem Nov 2Nd.
  4. jreddfoxx3 you make comment for the need to oust the socialists on Nov 2. Obviously the current administrations actions support your comments. I wonder if you realize just exactly how ACCURATE you are. If you have not yet I strongly urge and beg that you obtain and read a just released book by Michael Savage. TRICKLE UP POVERTY , Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Ecomomy and Security. Specifically Chapter 2 names and identifies all of the Marxists that Obama has appointed as Czars in our government. It gives their as well as his Marxist backgrounds and spells out what exactly is taking place in our current administration. It will shock the crap out of you as to how accurate your comments are. Please read and continue to spread the word. Note, TRICKLE UP POVERTY is a new release but I have found that the panzy pencil neck liberals have been making attempts at hiding it. Dont leave the bookstore without it. Sapper Don't blame me, I voted for an American
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