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Lifting the ban on 'concurrent receipt'

Legislation has been introduced in both houses of the 112th Congress that would allow qualified military retirees to receive both their VA disability compensation and DoD pensions at the same time. Called “concurrent receipt,” the dollar-for-dollar offset of military retirement pay based on the amount of VA medical disability compensation one receives has long been opposed by The American Legion.

Concurrent receipt of retirement pay and disability compensation has been expanded in recent years, but it still does not apply to military retirees with service-connected disabilities rated less than 50 percent. The continuing practice of requiring disabled retirees to fund their own pensions is commonly known as the “disabled veterans tax.”

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., introduced S. 344 on Feb. 14 to go along with a similar measure, H.R. 333, previously introduced in the House by Rep. Sanford Bishop, D-Ga. H.R. 333 already has 97 cosponsors. Two other House bills also address lifting the ban on concurrent receipt.

Reid’s Retired Pay Restoration Act of 2011 was referred to the Senate Committee on Armed Services. It would allow the receipt of both military retired pay and veterans’ disability compensation with respect to any service-connected disability.

“Sen. Reid’s introduction of legislation to repeal the remaining vestiges of the disabled veterans tax continues a decades-long endeavor to reverse this injustice,” said Tim Tetz, Legislative Division director for The American Legion. “With passage of this bill by Congress, eligible veterans will never have to choose between payment for their service or the debt owed to them for their sacrifices.”


  1. I was rated by the VA as 100 percent disabled in 1996. The CRDP law was passed the year 2003 and effective January 2004. Today is June 24, 2014, and I still have not received my Air Force retired pay. I served 21 years on active duty. When will someone in the congress submit legislation to correct the law??
  2. Is there a reason for any normal American to serve when our government takes care of bitchen illegals by kissing there asses just for a stinking vote. Until congress passes [concurrent receipt] nobody should join our armed forces.
  3. I am amazed how many [D] Congress women and men have voted to pass HR 303 and a USAF disabled retired veteran I humbly thank each and every one of them. In 1972 when Nixon and Kissinger went to China and sold the working people of America down the crapper for 25 cents an hour. These are the two bastards that sent 30 millions jobs to those communist PUKES.
  4. i retired from the reserve in 2001 with 12 years active and 11 years reserve. i have a 40 per cent disability rating. after turning 60 in 2013 and waiting 12 years to get my retirement, i was shocked to see they had taken my disability out of my pay. this really sucks. will they change it or do i need to go back to the va.
  5. I was Medically Retired in June 1986 with just over 11 years in the USAF. I have a 50% rating and told i cannot receive CRDP! What a joke!!
  6. I was also forced out on a medical retirement after 18.5 years of service... they basically told me to "go home, get your affairs in order, and die". That was 2002. I knew of plenty of "early outs" who collected early retirement benefits at 15 years but those medically retired before 20 get to pay for their VA disability check with their retirement pay even after congress says the vets lucky enough to make it to 20 don't have to. I didn't choose to get cancer, and I didn't choose when to retire! Congress can bail out wall street, but not support disabled vets? Enough all ready!
  7. I was forced out after 17 years 7 months and 17 days due to cancer. I was rated 100% and at the time, I was told I might not receive retirement at all, and VA disability might take a took 6 months. I fought it through every appeal the Med Group could find and more. I wrote all my congressmen and senators. I wrote the President. I ended up receiving retirement and VA plus SDI. Now, Jan 1, 2012, I did not receive my retirement check. When I called to find out why, they said I should never of had it! I had my SGLI, SBP and dependant's insurance premiums paid directly out of my military retirement pay. Now, $2000 shorter than normal I have $80 to live out the month. I didn't even receive notification that I would lose this money! Hopefully this bill gets passed SOON.
  8. I don't get it, I feel everything I read tells me I qualify for concurrent pay. Even those that counseled me prior to my retirement. I was going to make the military a carreer and had a good one to boot. I was two month shy of my 11th year when I retired. I served two combat tours back to back and got injured by a EFP on my second tour. After 2 1/2 years in the hospital I was retired out. I am now finally total and complete 100% rated with VA. The Air Force was paying me a pension and one day it was gone. So I ask, do I qualify or not? I get a lot of mixed answers but when I look at the list of eligibilty, one of the requirements was: Having a Service Connected VA disability of 50% or higher. The common answer I get is that I did not do 20 years in the service, and I keep saying that's not by choice. Sorry I lost my arm and leg in the war but a 20+ year carreer was my goal. I don't know what to do.
  9. Hello Gentlemen/Ladies I retired from the us army in 1992 and was then 30 percent service connected diabled. I am now 40% and unable to work but do not qualify under the VA for unemployablity regulation. My wife and I barely get by like I am going to have to sell something to get my daughter back from my ex in Germany because i only am able to live from my retirement pay from the military and when she gets here I will have to pay 200.00 a month to tricare for medical insurance for her. With all this comming out of my retirment pay I ask you how can we live. Help us please pass HR333 I beg of you First Sergeant Retired PS My daughter has had 5 open heart surgeries.
  10. I have no confidence in our government that CR (concurrent receipt) will be implemented. Here is a little bit of "my" experience the way our government treats service folk and veterans. I was one of thousands in the early 1990's (after the Gulf War) ousted from the service (17 years) under the QMP (Quality Management Program) program. My seperation was because of two evaluations reports (88, 91) claiming I exceeded the Army weight standard - but never failed a physical fitness test and the evaluations were outstanding! Where am I going with this you ask? I was given a $17000 (before taxes) severence for 17 years of outstanding service (woopie) and told to have a nice life. Once I was awarded sercice connected disability all of the $17000 was recouped - before I received any disabilty money. I was ramrodded twice by our government. With all those years of service I got zero retirement and no benefits. Our government will do anything they can to screw service people and veterans.
  11. I agree what the Senator is tring to do. I myself is a disabled vet who is listed as unemployable to the va. I was medically retired from the navy with over 18 years of active service plus reserve time which together equals to almost 22 years of military service (Honorable service). But yet I am told I can not get the retired pay I feel like I deserve. So BRAVO ZULU SENTATOR KEEP UP THE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Bill, me thinks you are being as political in your opinion as you accuse Sen Reid of being. I could care less if it's a republican, democrat, or man from mars that finally does the right thing for our disabled veterans, it's long overdue. You have to focus on the issue and less on the party that proposes the issue. Disabled vets shouldn't have to rob one earned benefit to pay for the other. Whle they are at it, I hope they also propose terminating the Pat Schoeder (from Colorado) bill that automatically takes a vet's retirement pay and gives a percentage to his ex-spouse for the rest of their life.
  13. Me'thinks that Senator Reid (D-NV) is playing political games with disabled military veteran retirees. He has been a long-standing sponsor of Concurrent Receipt (CR) legislation, except during the last Congress when his party had the majority in both House and Senate. If it WAS really his goal to pass this legislation and stop this inequity, why was it not passed then? Instead, millions were spent building bridges for turtles and trillions to provide a TRICARE health "entitlement" to those who have not served one single day. Now, when the Republicans have the majority in the House and have a stated goal to reduce spending and the deficit, the Senate majority leader suddenly remembers the vets. Where was his support last year? It seems obvious that veterans, and resolving the inequity of Concurrent Receipt for disabled retirees, are nothing more than a political football to "Dingy Harry"...whose play will fumble again and leave disabled vets in a "4th down with 20 yards to go."
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