VA seeking mental health stories

The American Legion is asking its members planning on attending the 2011 National Convention in Minneapolis to share their stories of mental health treatment with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division is working with VA on a mental health anti-stigma campaign called "Make the Connection." During the national convention, VA representatives will be in the convention center to interview American Legion members about their mental health treatment to encourage other veterans to reach out for assistance.

Some veterans are living with a mental health issue but do not seek help; others may not even recognize they have a mental health condition. Stories of hope and recovery are at the heart of VA's nationwide "Make the Connection" campaign, which encourages veterans to "make the connection" - with other people, with resources, with symptoms of mental health issues, and with treatment and support.

If you are a veteran who sought treatment for a mental health issue and received support - from any source - and are in a better place today because of it, VA wants to hear from you. Have your story videotaped at the national convention for use on the "Make the Connection" website. To share your story and learn more, contact

Convention attendees interested in sharing a story can email Jacob Gadd, the Legion's deputy director of the Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division, to schedule a time during the Convention to be interviewed. 


  1. My name is Eric L. Grandon, SSg, Ret, WVARNG. My story is like everyone elses, I was doing what I was trained to do. Fight for our Beloved Country no matter the cost. I am a Combat Vet of Desert Storm, and Operation Iraqi Freedom II. Our mission during Desert Storm would be to gather. We finally ended up with the 18th Airborne Corps EPW Camp. We interogated Republican Guard's top Officers sometimes there or while the ground war raged on in front of us. Our info went straight to the top. It shaped the ground assult, and mission complete. We saved hundreds or even thousands of lives.
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