VA offering free meals for homeless

The Department of Veterans Affairs is reaching out to homeless veterans by providing free meals and spending money to eligible homeless veterans. The free meals will be offered at Veterans Canteen Service (VCS) cafeterias to homeless veterans attending their first VA medical appointment.

New veterans participating in the Housing and Urban Development and VA Supportive Housing program who present signed leases will also receive a $20 coupon to be used in VCS retail stores located at every VA medical center.

VCS also facilitates vendor donations to various homeless programs, including local VA stand downs and community organizations. VCS operates more than 170 retail stores and cafeterias at VA medical centers across the nation, providing competitively priced food and merchandise to VA patients, their families, caregivers, VA employees, volunteers and visitors.


  1. I do hope there are volunteers reaching out to the vet's unable to receive this information due to the fact they're sleeping in parks or on the street. Is there someone driving around offering a ride to vet's needing to access the free food and sharing info on how to obtain housing? Hope so! From what I've experience as a caregiver for my son, if you don't ask you don't get the info. Please get the news out there on the street for the less-fortunate ones to know where to go and what's offered.
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