Legion to conduct town hall meeting on Phoenix VA health care

The American Legion will conduct a town hall meeting in Phoenix in two weeks that will focus on health care at the Department of Veterans Affairs medical center there. Legion health-care experts will also visit the Phoenix VA Health Care System on May 14-15 to interview key administrators, medical staff and patients. The facility has come under fire recently from allegations that it maintained a secret list of patients with long-overdue medical appointments; the list has been linked to the deaths of at least 40 patients, according to CNN.

The town hall meeting, open to the public, is scheduled for 7 p.m. on May 13, at American Legion Post 41, 715 S. 2nd Ave., Phoenix. Those who have served in the U.S. military, especially veterans receiving health care at the Phoenix VA facility, are encouraged to attend.


Two members of The American Legion’s System Worth Saving (SWS) Task Force will facilitate the meeting: Tom Mullon, retired director of the VA medical center in Minneapolis and former VA regional medical director; and Roscoe Butler, retired VA Central Office employee who served as deputy director for business policy and worked at six VA health-care facilities.


Mullon was a VA employee for more than 40 years, and Butler worked there more than 34 years; both will conduct interviews at the Phoenix VA facility.


The SWS program was created in 2003 to monitor the quality of health-care at VA medical centers nationwide.


"We conduct these site visits each year to evaluate and report on the quality of health care our veterans are receiving," said Ralph Bozella, chairman of the task force. “Our next report will take a comprehensive look at VA health care since we first started evaluating it.”


Bozella said the input and feedback received from veterans during the town hall meetings “helps us to understand firsthand what challenges and recommendations they have for improving their own medical care.”


Town hall meetings and hospital visits are conducted by SWS Task Force members who travel to about 15 VA medical centers annually. Task force members writes reports based on their findings, which are later released to the public and submitted to Congress, the White House and senior VA leadership.


For more information on the Phoenix town hall meeting, contact Roscoe Butler at The American Legion’s Washington Office: rbutler@legion.org or call (202) 263-5767.



  1. I just read the story about how veterans are dying will waiting to make an appt. with this facility. THIS IS INEXCUSABLE. We put our asses on the line when this country needed us, and to be treated like this is not right. The unqualified people that are behind this ought to be fired and brought up on charges. Better yet, lets give them one of these diseases and let them go through what these people in Phoenix have had to go through.
  2. Psalm 82 mentions importance of looking after the needy and weak. Proverbs 20:28 mentiones how a wise leader is kept secure with righteousness and mercy so I pray such upon all concerned. Angels of wisdom and knowledge and compassion and understanding be with all concerned. Patience is a virtue and we all have pace levels. A specially challenged person or a 24 hour of age person require attention to pace advancement issues if one truely loves them.
  3. I would like to request a town hall meeting with the Phoenix Regional Veterans Affairs Office As Well. However, I just found out from a great source that 90% or even All of the Employees inside the VA Ratings Office are American Legion Reps. Which is odd. Why? Well after fighting a losing battle with Phoenix Regional I went to my American Legion Rep at the Tucson V.A. eight months ago. Did some paper work and forms. Then I told them my bad experience with Phoenix and asked if they he was affiliated in any way with them. He stated " Absolutely Not We Are Here For The Veterans Only" Two weeks ago he asked if he could take my file to Phoenix for some training. I gave permission as long as it would help mine and others waiting for ratings. Then I said, "Wait a minute. You told me eight months ago you had nothing to do with Regional in Phoenix !" He hesitated and said. "Listen, everyone in that office are American Legion and yes we have to train though them". So why would an American Legion Rep. just lie to me? When all he had to do was tell the truth from the beginning. That Would had been Honorable, Trustworthy, and Loyal to those Veterans American Legion Reps claim to be helping "FAIRLY". I feel American Legion in most things are great. And maybe, just maybe, HQ is not aware of this issue as well. Or Are They?
  4. Part of the issue here appears to be some confusion on your part. First, it is not a VA Ratings Office. VARO is short for VA Regional Office. Second, your source is not great, it is baloney. The VA employees are not affiliated with any service organization at all. However, on the first floor of the Phoenix VARO, there are Veterans Service Organizations, known as VSO's, which it sounds like you are confusing the VA with the VSO's. They comprise of Disabled American Veterans, American Legion, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Arizona Department of Veterans Services, Vietnam Veterans of American, and so on. So not even half of even the service officers in the Phoenix VARO are Legion. So in asking if someone is affiliated with the Phoenix VARO, and your Legion representative saying no, wasn't him being dishonest in any way. Second, anyone who is an accredited service officer has to complete VA training to become accredited. Your posting seems to indicate that the lack of credible facts that you have been given, coupled with the questions you are asking assuming your information to be correct, and your apparent confusion between VSO's and VA is what is leading you to believe that your American Legion representative is lying to you.
  5. Monty you don't know me nor do you know anything about my resources. However its your freedoms to speak bull all you want. Get back on the short bus and stay in school. Or better yet if you are working at the VA regional, then do your job and leave it alone. If not employed with Phoenix then just keep watching and ears open. Because myself and other Veterans will be releasing several documents/recordings on very wrong and twisted ways Phoenix and other American Legion Staff members are all in on this together. I'm talking over 200 Veterans thus far.
  6. You are right, I don't know anything about you or your resources. But so far everything that you have stated is wrong, which leaves severe doubt as to the credibility of those resources. Accordingly, you might not want to be instructing anyone to get on the short bus. You might want to check your facts though if you are going to make accusations like what you are implying. Because right now everything that you are saying shows you really aren't familiar with the workings of service organizations and the VA. I look forward with interest as to what you are going to be releasing though.
  7. I would like to comment on your article. I went through something similar to what you are going through. In 1980, I was seriously injured in a truck wreck in Ft. Carson, Colorado. I underwent 27 hours of surgery, during this they replaced my skull,removed my sinuses (causing me not to be able to smell or taste), screwed my eyes up, and removed a piece of my brain due to a blood clot. I filed for disability, and it took 28 years of appeals before somebody at the Chicago VA regional office looked at my surgical report and determined that I was 100% disabled. These people act like they are doing you a favor just by letting you talk to them. Granted there are quite a few people who are there to serve veterans, and they do their job to the best of their ability. But there are a lot of bad apples that need to be removed.
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