Legion thanks Congress for swift response

American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger praised Congress for quick action this week to help veterans see physicians in a timely manner. The House and Senate both passed bills that will allow Department of Veterans Affairs patients, who have been waiting unreasonable amounts of time for appointments, to see non-VA providers.

The leader of the nation’s largest veterans service organization added that such an emergency measure must only be a stop-gap remedy while the VA health-care system is realigned to better meet patient demand. The legislation came after independent reports showed that more than 57,000 veterans were waiting 90 days or more for VA appointments and another estimated 60,000 were denied appointments after requesting them.

“Congress has put politics aside and overwhelmingly passed bipartisan bills in both houses that begin the long journey toward restoring VA,” Dellinger said. “The American Legion applauds the swift response. However, vouchering care to non-VA providers must only be a bridge to a new system, a system we know is worth saving. These bills are positive steps to begin restoring trust, foremost to veterans, but also to the American public.”

The American Legion is now scheduling town hall meetings in the most affected areas of the country to better assess the problem in order to help develop solutions.


  1. My husband is 100% disabled from Viet Nam and goes to Coatesville VA. He needed shoulder replacement surgery two years ago and they sent him to therapy. After the run around from the doctors, he finally got the OK to see a specialist in Philadelphia for a "consult". That was a 4 week wait and then surgery would probably be another 4-6 weeks. We could not wait any longer; his pain was unbearable. We went outside the VA system; got his surgery within 2 weeks and now we owe more than $3000 dollars because Medicare only paid 75% or so. This is how we repay out Veterans. God Bless you all!
  2. don't come to the Philippines and expect anything from the v.a. regional office and out patient clinic in manila. I am enrolled in the v.a. health care system and I am 100% disabled with both service and non service connected disabilities. my service connected disabilities are not treatable. so here in the Philippines I cannot avail the v.a. resources. I am denied my meds or any other benefits one can get in the states. my meds and medical treatments are all out of pocket with no reimbursement from the v.a. even the retired veterans here can not receive there medical benefits and they depend on Tricare. why is there a modern outpatient clinic with 211 employees that do not answer there phone and if you are lucky enough to actually talk to a human you cannot understand them, they are very rude and they never , never say thank you for your service to our country! as soon as I can afford to move back to Indiana with my wife I am out here.
  3. I just make my annual appointment to see my primary care team the other day and my quick letter came in the mail saying they will see me in about 80 days. I guess I should be happy that congrees passed these new laws? The funny thing I read in the local papper the that my VA only had an average wait of 34 days? I guess they are going to slow thing down so they can spend more money on new trainees. I don't know why the legion is so steadfast at repair the VA system - I myself perfer to see my local hospital and doctors - at least I can get in to be seen before I get worse. The guys that really have problems should be the ones' the VA sees first and I don't mind that - if I could just get my meds from them I would gladly sacrafice my place in line for a vet that really needs it. Thanks
  4. After waiting and denied in 2010 I have summited new file Dec.2013,and have waiting 180 days, on presumption of agent orange. Was in Viet Nam 1962 on ship and boots on ground gave VA Affairs, Ships log Medical and service records DD 214 and photos of ashore. why am I still waiting? age 77. Want service connection
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