Legion statement on VA secretary nominee

American Legion National Commander Daniel Dellinger expressed hope that President Obama’s nominee for secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs is willing to confront the serious issues facing the department and “put veterans ahead of the bureaucracy.”

“The American Legion, by its own constitution and bylaws, is prohibited from endorsing or opposing political nominees,” Dellinger said. “However, we do look forward to monitoring the confirmation hearings and listening to Robert McDonald’s plan to correct the policies that have led to the systemic scandals, and ensure that VA can once again provide what has been called, ‘the best health care anywhere.’ He will need to have complete hiring and firing authority, along with a willingness to see that those who committed illegal acts are prosecuted. The American Legion, through its System Worth Saving Task Force and policy experts, is eager to work with the new VA secretary to make the department a health-care system worthy of the service and sacrifice of the millions of veterans that it was created to serve.”


  1. My concern is the Vietnam Blue Water Vets and giving back the benefits and rights that were taken unfairly from them in 2002. We are being murdered by the Veterans Administration as we have been exposed to Agent Orange and are dying slowly. All of the evidence that has been produced so far has been ignored by our Government and the Veterans Administration. We have had several Bills in congress only for them to not go anywhere due to lack of caring for the poor Veterans that went to war as requested only to find out that we were poisoned by our own government and they don not want to own up to their mistake. They give every one else presumption except for the Blue Water Veterans. Why would someone that was sent on shore for 2 minutes automatically get presumption when his shipmate does not. What is wrong with this picture.
  2. Here is what Director of DAV had to say. DAV Washington Executive Director Garry Augustine today made the following comments after President Barack Obama formally announced the nomination of Robert McDonald, an Army veteran and former CEO of Proctor & Gamble, to serve as the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs. “We hope the confirmation will go smoothly and quickly, so Mr. McDonald can begin the work necessary to strengthen the VA health care system and restore the trust of all veterans. We believe his military and private sector management experience can bring about much-needed and overdue change at the VA, especially to improve accountability, transparency and efficiency,” Augustine said.
  3. McDonald helped screw thousands of vets out of their disability claims when he was at Xerox processing the huge number of backlogged claims. He endorsed bonuses for quickly clearing the backlog by stamping them denied most of the time. You have to do your homework. Contact disabledveterans dot org, their founder, Benjamin Krause, and he will set you straight on this clown. Krause is a VA approved attorney and heavily investigated McDonald. Break some rules, speak out against McDonald before he is in there whoring around and making things worse!
  4. Why do you think he was appointed in the first place? It is no secret that the current administration is against our veterans. But the sheep continue to follow blindly, while America's TRUE Hero's continue to suffer! No one should even be allowed to serve as President of the United States with out having first served HONORABLY in one of the Armed Forces! How can the Commander in Chief expect people to go to war with out having had the willingness to do so themselves!! Old Army saying......LEAD BY EXAMPLE!! Enough said.
  5. The idea of hiring more people is good. But one of the real problems is the rampant nepotism, theft and criminality that goes on everyday. I spent nine months in a VA hospital and saw nurses sleeping on duty, ignoring room call buttons and filling their purses with VA hospital supplies while patients go without meds they need.
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