American Legion, AMVETS and CVA Joint Statement on $17.6 Billion VA Spending Request

Today, The American Legion, AMVETS (American Veterans), and Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) released the following statement regarding congressional posturing resulting from a request made by acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Sloan Gibson for an additional $17.6 billion in funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs:

“Regardless of the merits, a last-minute VA request for $17.6 billion dollars in additional spending only hampers an already difficult VA conference committee negotiating process. Both the House and Senate VA reform bills that passed were centered on two things – accountability and access. It is disgraceful and utterly painful to see bipartisan efforts erode and lawmakers lose sight of what’s important. Negotiations, which should happen in public, not behind closed doors, must stay focused on ensuring VA leadership is held accountable and veterans have timely access to care. All other discussions only undermine a critically important process.

“We urge Congress to take immediate action to regain its focus on ensuring the VA Secretary exercises his authority to hold management and staff accountable for their inappropriate behavior, and immediately stop the corruption and mismanagement within the VA. Before asking for more money, the VA must start making good on the nation’s promise to its honored veterans.”


  1. You know our country's elderly get to choose whatever hospital they want to use and it is paid for by the public in Medicare and Medicaid. Why not let our veteran's choose which hospital they want to attend. Our elderly haven't even served the country for the most part but veterans have and veterans pay taxes, too. So why do our elderly get to choose whatever hospital they want to and our veterans have to wait for care at VA Hospitals and drive half way across the state to receive care? Read "It's Time for Health Care Choices for Veterans" at my blog on Wordpress.
  2. Why is the American Legion teaming up with these right-wing groups to defund the VA? It's clear the VA needs more doctors to fix its problems. Staff were lying about wait times because they couldn't get everyone in the door and still wanted to get their bonuses. Can't believe the American Legion is going against the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, IAVA, Vietnam Vets, PVA, and more.
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