Shelby receives World Series through 2019

Shelby, N.C., became home to The American Legion Baseball World Series after Resolution 32 passed during the Legion’s 2010 Spring Meetings. Because the Shelby American Legion World Series Committee and its community members have surpassed all expectations, as well as embraced the Legion family, baseball players and fans with southern hospitality, Shelby’s contract to host the World Series has been extended through 2019. American Legion National Commander James E. Koutz announced the exciting news to Shelby earlier today. Watch the video here.

The National Executive Committee passed Resolution 14, which extends Shelby's contract, during Fall Meetings.

After winning the bid in early 2010 to host the Legion World Series from 2011-2014, Eddie Holbrook, Shelby ALWS committee co-chairman, said, "We look forward to putting on the best World Series the Legion’s ever had, becoming a complementary partner with them and making the Legion proud that they selected us." The committee and community have accomplished that and more.

Shelby community members, local businesses, baseball fans and other prominent leaders of Cleveland County have embraced and upheld the Legion’s Four Pillars through on-field tributes to veterans, social gatherings and concerts. And during the World Series in 2011, Shelby reached a record total paid attendance crowd of 86,000, beating the record established 75 years ago in Spartansburg, S.C. But Shelby didn’t stop the "wow" factor there. Just this past August, the Legion World Series reached a total of more than 100,000 paid attendance.