Photo by Lucas Carter/The American Legion

Legion Baseball recognized as fully Pitch Smart compliant

American Legion Baseball has been recognized by Major League Baseball and USA Baseball as a fully Pitch Smart compliant organization ahead of the 2017 season.

According to the program guidelines, “Full Pitch Smart compliance represents the highest level of commitment to the program and is defined by the incorporation of Pitch Smart guidelines pertaining to pitch counts and rest periods across all competitions, as well as supporting Pitch Smart educational efforts across all platforms.”

Legion Baseball’s compliance with Pitch Smart is a product of a rule change which mandates that pitchers adhere to these guidelines starting this year.

“Legion Baseball prides itself on being an exemplary organization that helps young athletes grow as players and people. Safety is always our top priority and it has become clear that the best way to keep our young pitchers safe is to enact pitch counts at all levels,” said Gary Stone, Legion Baseball chairman. “We would like to thank Major League Baseball and USA Baseball for taking the lead on this important safety initiative.”

"Supporting programs that encourage the long-term development and health of amateur players continues to be a priority for Major League Baseball," said Chris Marinak, senior vice president of League Economics & Strategy, Major League Baseball. "We are pleased by the continued proliferation of Pitch Smart and see it as a positive step for generations to come."

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