Photo by Matt Roth/The American Legion

ALWS champions to attend MLB World Series, Play Ball clinic

The Major League Baseball World Series gets started tonight in Los Angeles. Four days from now, the Blue Sox of Henderson, Nev., Post 40 will be smack dab in the middle of the Fall Classic.

Continuing a 90-year tradition, the American Legion World Series championship team will attend the MLB World Series.

Serving as guests of the Office of the Commissioner, Post 40 will attend Game 4 of the World Series in Houston and will participate in a pre-game ceremony.

The team will also participate in a Play Ball clinic in the host city in an effort to give back to the sport that has provided the players and coaches with great opportunities.

Play Ball is a committed effort to spark widespread participation in all forms of baseball activities among all age groups, especially youth.

"The purpose of the initiative is just to remind people that you can engage with baseball without having nine guys on each team, uniforms and umpires," MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said of Play Ball in an MLB news article. "There are lots of small games that are ways to play baseball that can be really fun for kids and can really help them develop skills.”

Both World Series teams have at least one Legion alum with All-Star credentials, led by Justin Verlander and Corey Seager.