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World Series Day 3: Tough defense wins out

Defense ruled the day during Day 3, while Eden Prairie, Minn., remained the tournament's only undefeated team.

Game 9: Roseburg, Ore., 9, Moline, Ill., 7Roseburg, Ore., relived Saturday's fierce comeback, scoring six runs in the bottom of the fifth inning to get back on top and stayed there in a 9-7 win over Moline, Ill.

Down four runs going into the fifth inning, designated hitter Vince Ampi delivered a three-run home run to rally his team. Ampi's teammates followed suit, scoring seven more runs between the fifth and sixth innings to keep Moline trailing.

Roseburg didn't have a smooth start, scoring just once in the first five innings, but the team's confidence never waned.

"Coming back in the middle of the game is something that has been happening all year, but we never lose confidence in ourselves and we never lose focus," Roseburg's Johnny Farrington said. "It's a long game and a lot can happen in baseball, and (pitcher) Dakota Cavens did a great job picking us up. It feels amazing to be going on to tomorrow's games, and we are going to keep enjoying this for as long as we can."

"A win is a win, and they're not always pretty. As long as you come out on top in the end is all you can ask for," Roseburg's assistant coach Tom Nielsen said. "Hopefully for tomorrow's game we can come out and play a little bit better defense; we're always trying to get better than the previous game."

Roseburg (35-14) had nine runs and 14 hits. Moline (42-9) had seven runs and 10 hits.

Game 10: Midwest City, Okla., 6, Kernersville, N.C., 1

Midwest City, Okla., shined in its pitching and defense, keeping Kernersville, N.C., off the scoreboard after the first inning to gain a 6-1 win.

Midwest City scored its first run in the fourth inning and kept the momentum going. Pitcher Dalton Bernardi hit a one-run triple and picked up the win on the mound, going all nine innings and striking out 11 batters.

"I try to help my team out as much as I can because when we come together, we get wins," Bernardi said.

With its tight defense, Midwest City kept Kernersville on its heels and only had one error, enabling the team to advance to Game 13 today.

Interestingly enough, the team is known as the "Outlaws" and has been since 1977, when Midwest City picked up a few players that other local teams didn't want because they said they were trouble. "The Midwest City coaches felt these kids were like a bunch of outlaws, and that name has stuck ever since," managerDoug Weese said.

Midwest City (63-10) had six runs and 12 hits. Kernersville (35-16) had one run and nine hits.

Game 11: Eden Prairie, Minn., 6, Las Vegas, 4

Eden Prairie, Minn., has been unstoppable since the moment the team walked on the field for the start of the Legion World Series. Trailing until the ninth inning, Eden Prairie rallied to defeat Las Vegas 6-4.

Eden Prairie trailed 4-3 going into the ninth inning. But as soon as David Belusky drilled a one-run double to tie the game, the team could taste the win. Teammate Tony Skjefte followed with a two-run single up the middle to put his team up by two. Eden Prairie then shut Vegas down in the bottom of the ninth to secure the win.

"Today we didn't come out as hot as we have been, but our starting pitcher, Matt Lintner, kept us in the game," said Eden Prairie's Blake Schmit, who was 2-5 with an RBI.. "And Lance Thonvold came off the bench and got us a big hit down the right field line, and our guys fed off it to string a couple of hits together to get a couple of runs, and then we shut them (Las Vegas) down in the ninth inning."

Eden Prairie (38-7) had six runs and 12 hits. Las Vegas (48-16) had four runs and nine hits.

Today's schedule (games begin at 7 p.m. EST)Game 12: Midwest City, Okla., vs. Las Vegas Game 13: Eden Prairie, Minn., vs. Roseburg, Ore.

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