8 team round robin tournament, sponsored by Yankton Baseball Association

Teams must be 19 and under and register by March 1

$600.00 Entry Fee

Bob Tereshinski Stadium
Yankton, SD

May 31 - June 2

TOURNAMENT INFORMATION Please complete your online registration early. Registrations will not be accepted without payment made in full during the online registration process. The Yankton Baseball Association offers tournaments with a state of the art turf field, two umpires per game, and guarantees three games (weather permitted). A trophy will be presented to the champion. This tournament is a 3-Day Tournament. A gate fee will be charged for all adults 19 years of age and older. Yankton will be home team for all of their games. All other games will have a coin flip to determine home team. Tie Breaker for Pool Play: Head-to-Head Record Fewest Run Allowed Most Run Scored Run Differential Coin Flip Tourney Rules *Umpire’s decision is final. There will not be any appeals beyond the umpires. *Any coach or player ejected is ineligible for the following game! *Run rules-12 after 4; 8 after 5 *D.H. for pitcher only *Courtesy runner for pitchers and catchers. *Re-entry for starters (one re-entry) *Ten-minute infield for each team’s first game of the day.

For more information, contact:

Drew Lawrence
(605) 202-0636