How to vote for Be the One for SXSW

How to vote for Be the One for SXSW

The American Legion has submitted a proposal, “Culture Shift: Mental Health Stigmas and America’s Epidemic,” to be part of the annual SXSW festival. From Aug. 8 through Aug. 20, you can support this proposal by voting and commenting.

To vote for a proposal, you will need a SXSW account. To create an account, visit the SXSW registration page here and fill in your name, email address and create a password. After clicking OK to create the account, you will receive a verification email asking you to confirm the account. Click the confirmation link in the email and your account will be verified, allowing you to proceed with supporting The American Legion’s Be the One proposal.

Once your account is verified, visit the Community Voting page here where you can vote once per proposal – selecting “arrow up” for yes or “arrow down” for no. Selected sessions for SXSW, which is next March, will be announced this fall. Around 300,000 attendees are expected at the festival.

The American Legion’s “Culture Shift” proposal will address:

• Reducing the stigma associated with mental health treatment.

• The latest research addressing suicide prevention that will challenge conventional wisdom and what people think they know about suicide.

• Explore how AI, tech and other tools are enabling newly designed interventions to treat mental health and reduce suicide by up to 20%.

• How community-focused action will play a key role in destigmatizing mental health treatment and reducing suicide in the decade ahead.