Be The One Branding Materials

The approved logos for the Be The One initiative are subject to the same usage rules as The American Legion Brandmark. These guidelines, detailed instructions on proper use of the branding, and downloadable files can be found at

Download Be The One graphic files

Videos to share

Our YouTube playlist includes video content that to share, embed or play from YouTube on websites and social media.

Videos to download

Our Vimeo playlist includes video content that can be downloaded for offline use, included in other media, or posted to web and social platforms.

Print materials

Downloadable and customizable content 


National Brochure - PDF - download and print

Local Brochure - Word Doc - customize content for your post or district


24x36 Posters can be printed individually or as the front and back of a sign board for an event.

Be The One Graphic Poster

How to Be The One Poster

Wallet Card

Business-card sized printables with Be The One branding and QR codes. Can be used as single-sided cards, combined for double-sided cards, or added to the back side of a personal business card. 

Card Style 01 Be The One logo and QR Code

Card Syle 02 Be The One logo, Legion Brandmark and QR Code

Card Style 03 Be The One logo, Legion Brandmark and How To Be The One List

Card Style 04  Be The One logo, Legion Brandmark, How To Be The One List and QR Code