Florida youth elected Boys Nation Senate president

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It took eight long ballots to eliminate 14 of the original candidates for the position of American Legion Boys Nation Senate President Pro Tempore, but by a margin of 57-41, David Enriquez (Orlando, Fla.) defeated Jeremy Price of Maryland on the final vote.

Enriquez, a senior at Robinson High School born in Havana, Cuba, had to wait until the final of four sections reported their vote before he emerged victorious, as the vote after the first three sections was knotted at 37 votes. Enriquez led on all ballots by very slim margins.

Enriquez hopes to attend an elite university and aims to be an attorney. At his high school he is president of Debate Club, president of French Honor Society, president of French Club, vice president of French Honor Society, vice president of French Club, president of Social Studies Honor Society, president of Historical Society and member of the National Honor Society.

As President Pro Tempore, Enriquez’s responsibilities include presiding as head of the Boys Nation Senate in the absence of the vice president, appointing a Chief Clerk of the Senate, Senate parliamentarian, Senate chaplain and a Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate.

He should also be thoroughly familiar with the Standing Rules for Conducting Business in the Senate of Boys Nation.

Each American Legion Boys Nation delegate represents his home state as a “senator”. The “senators” caucus at the beginning of the session, organize into committees and conduct hearings on bills, allowing delegates to learn the proper legislative procedures according to the U.S. Senate.

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