CPR: More than 1 million served by Buddy Checks
Photo by Jeric Wilhelmsen/The American Legion

CPR: More than 1 million served by Buddy Checks

Over the last four years, the number of American Legion posts conducting Buddy Check operations has grown from 3,683 to 4,456 worldwide. The program has now reached more than 1 million veterans, according to Consolidated Post Reports (CPRs) between 2020 and 2023.

This year, VA is conducting a National Buddy Check Week Oct. 16-20 for the first time, and American Legion posts are urged to assist. A 2019 national resolution called on posts to focus their efforts on Veterans Week in mid-November and during the American Legion Birthday period in mid-March. Many posts, however, have assembled teams that do Buddy Checks monthly or even more frequently.

The 293,498 veterans reached through Buddy Checks between June 1, 2022, and May 31, 2023, represent just one of many major accomplishments by American Legion posts that submitted reports during the year.

The completion rate for CPRs was 68.4%, and the American Legion Departments of Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wisconsin all had 100% completion rates.

Among the findings was a second year of rapidly increasing number of units collected through The American Legion’s Blood Donor Program. More than 100,000 units were recorded in the 2023 CPR.

Also in the 2023 CPR:

-           169,514: Veterans cases handled by post service officers

-           $3,993,280: Emergency financial aid provided to veterans from local post funds

-           415,599.5: VA hospital volunteer hours logged

-           $1,538,499.73: Financial contributions to VA Volunteer Services (VAVS)

-           20,0058: Legionnaires who serve as VAVS volunteers

-           102,013: Units collected through The American Legion Blood Donor Program from 60,702 individuals

-           6,536: ROTC medals presented by The American Legion

-           1,009: Law Enforcement Officer of the Year programs

-           929: Firefighter of the Year programs

-           4,323: Post color guards/firing squads

-           5,387: Posts that provided funeral services for veterans

-           1,019: Posts that participated in veteran job fairs

-           2,251: Veterans placed in jobs via American Legion posts

-           3,060: Veterans placed in job-training programs by local posts

-           16,067: Boys sponsored by posts for American Legion Boys State

-           $5,441,864: Cost to posts for of sponsoring American Legion Boys State participants

-           $1,286,792: Donated from posts to the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund

-           416: Number of posts that participated in citizenship/naturalization activities

-           $5,107,752: Cost to posts for sponsoring 1,652 American Legion Baseball teams

-           1,449: Athletic teams other than American Legion Baseball sponsored by local posts, at a cost of $13,353,394

          1,940:  Scouting units sponsored by local posts

-           42,066: Scouts in Legion-sponsored units

-           $2,014,236: Donated by posts to support Scouting activities

-           948: Local American Legion Oratorical Contests sponsored

-           2,341: Local American Legion Oratorical Contest competitors

-           2,512: Number of American Legion posts that have School Awards programs

-           18,547: American Legion School Awards presented by posts

-           11,676: College scholarships awarded by American Legion posts

-           $12,752,340: Cost of scholarships awarded by local posts

-           1,216: Local posts that had Veterans in the Classroom activities

-           4,720:  Local posts that participated in Flag Day events

-           1,467: Posts that participated in Get Out the Vote programs

-           7,033: Posts that participated in Veterans Day programs

-           6,915: Posts that participated in Memorial Day programs

-           3,326: Posts that participated in American Legion Day programs

-           1,615: Posts that conducted or participated in Four Chaplains Sunday events

-           4,325,534: Community service hours logged by American Legion post volunteers

-           $12,644,160: American Legion post funds used on community service projects

-           2,503: American Legion Junior Shooting Sports clubs sponsored, involving 11,811 competitors

-           388: Posts that participated in Youth Cadet Law Enforcement programs

-           7,583: Youths who participated in Youth Cadet Law Enforcement programs

-           53,429: Children & Youth Program activities by posts

-           $3,585,776: Cash aid given by local posts to benefit children

-           $3,461,624: Cash value of goods provided to children

-           399,061: Children who received goods or cash from local posts

-           509,395: Volunteer hours for children and youth activities

-           1,560: Halloween Safety Program participants

-           831: Posts that participated in April is Children & Youth Month promotions

-           516: Posts that participated in National Family Week activities

-           848: Posts that participated in Temporary Financial Assistance program

-           $714,956.04: Post funds used to pay Temporary Financial Assistance grants

-           $1,310,574.39: Funds raised to support the American Legion Veterans & Children Foundation

-           976: Posts that participated in the National Emergency Fund program

-           $610,700: National Emergency Fund costs for posts

-           4,456: Posts that conducted Buddy Check programs

-           293,498: Veterans contacted through Buddy Checks

-           2,362: Posts that conducted Veterans Service Day activities

-           583: Posts that participated in Operation Comfort Warriors