May a busy month for Economic Division

May is a busy month for The American Legion's Economic Division, which sends its staff members to testify before Congress on behalf of veterans five times in a seven-day period this month. On May 12, deputy director Mark Walker and assistant director Catherine Trombley testified in front of Congress. Trombley appeared before the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs to give testimony on VA's Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program. Today, Walker will testify in front of the same committee on VA home loan guarantys.

On May 19, Economic Division director Joe Sharpe will give testimony to the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs. That same day, assistant director Bob Madden will appear before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to testify for the Legion on the federal government's hiring practices of veterans.

Later in the month, members of the division will attend three different hearings on Small Business Committees.