Legion teams up with VeteransPlus

The National Executive Committee of The American Legion has passed a resolution to establish a national partnership with VeteransPlus, a non-profit financial education and counseling company.

VeteransPlus will provide financial education and counseling to veterans, servicemembers, reserve National Guard members, and all their family members. In partnership with The American Legion, licensed financial counselors from VeteransPlus will conduct seminars at American Legion posts across the country, aimed at addressing a host of financial issues: basic budgeting, debt management, credit counseling, identity theft, credit-score awareness, and housing and mortgage counseling.

"As a result of the current economic crises, the youngest generation of America's fighting force face unprecedented challenges both in the combat theater and here at home," said Chris Fitzpatrick, Director of Strategic Partnerships for VeteransPlus. "When these conditions are compounded by multiple deployments, the financial stability of the Guard and Reserve members are especially threatened."

VeteransPlus, founded by veterans, hosts a variety of activities: returning warrior workshops, yellow ribbon events, association meetings, educational seminars, Web site engagements, veterans benefit fairs and other outreach initiatives.

"Given The American Legion's unique perspective as the nation's largest veterans service organization, we believe that they are in a position to identify with our mission of serving those who have served us," said VeteransPlus Executive Director John Pickens. "(But) without a basic financial education, the men and women who have borne the battle may not be able to afford the life they have fought to defend for themselves and their families."

"The American Legion offers a number of programs and activities that strengthen its commitment to our local communities and the people we serve," said Clarence Hill, national commander of The American Legion.

"We are pleased with the opportunity to team with VeteransPlus in providing financial education and counseling to current and future members of our Legion family. Thousands of veterans face financial challenges, especially those with loved ones deployed in harm's way," Hill said.