Arizona follows suit on veterans credentialing

Arizona became the third state in two days yesterday to pass legislation that eases veterans’ entry into the licensed and professional fields. H.B. 2076 – which passed unanimously in the state’s senate and is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Janice Brewer – will make it easier for veterans with combat medical training to gain Licensed Professional Nursing certification.

The American Legion and its Department of Arizona were instrumental in getting the bill introduced in the state’s house chamber in January and winning its eventual passage in the senate. The organization scored similar legislative victories in Georgia and Maryland yesterday with passages of measures in those states that allow military training and skills to fulfill state credentialing requirements.

Essentially, H.B. 2076 will allow medical training obtained in the military to count as the civilian equivalent for training required to become a Licensed Professional Nurse. The bill also will streamline the process of obtaining a temporary nursing license for veterans.

As always, the Legion remains at the front of all legislation and issues affecting veterans credentialing, on the state and federal levels. After winning passage of numerous federal bills that improved credentialing opportunities for veterans, the Legion and its departments have turned their focus to state lawmakers, lobbying them to pass similar legislation to ease state credentialing requirements.

Legionnaires wanting to know the status of similar legislation in their states, or who want to assist in these efforts or provide updates of what efforts are occurring in their states should email Steve Gonzalez of the Legion’s Economic Division.