Legion color guard presents at the home of Vietnam veteran Mickey Chirieleison. The renovation project is part of Sears' sixth-annual Heroes at Home campaign in partnership with Rebuilding Together on Friday, May 10, 2013 in Brooklyn, N.Y. (Brian Ach/AP Images for Sears)

Legionnaires participate in Rebuild event

Sears Heroes at Home and Rebuilding Together kicked off their sixth year of partnership this weekend by bringing around 40 volunteers to the New York shoreline area to help rebuild and restore homes ravaged by Superstorm Sandy. Local Legionnaires were in attendance, providing color guard services and supporting the group as they rebuilt Michael “Mickey” Chirieleison’s home.

Chirieleison, a Vietnam veteran, sustained severe damage to his property when Sandy rolled through his neighborhood in Red Hook, N.Y., last year. Chirieleison’s home was one of four properties in the Brooklyn area that the Rebuild event targeted for restoration.

Through its Heroes at Home program, Sears works with Rebuilding Together to locate veterans and servicemembers whose homes either need restoration work or a complete rebuild. The American Legion has an active relationship with both entities, often providing veterans who need Rebuild services and giving boots-on-the-ground assistance in the form of able-bodied Legionnaires who volunteer at the events.

Legionnaires and posts are encouraged to locate a Rebuild event near them and volunteer, provide color guard services or any necessities that the project might need.