New Jersey passes temporary teaching license law

Last week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed into law a measure that will allow military spouses who hold teaching certifications in different states to apply for a temporary certification in New Jersey. A-2982, which was lobbied for heavily by New Jersey Legionnaires and department leadership, will ease the certification process for military spouses and allow them to work while they wait for a New Jersey license to be approved.

The law is the most recent in a line of legislation passed in New Jersey to benefit state veterans and their families. Working with Christie’s office, New Jersey Legionnaires have helped pass laws that have eased licensing and credentialing requirements for veterans and given temporary licenses to military spouses who hold nursing licenses in different states.

Christie was present at the Department of New Jersey’s convention last week, along with Past National Commander Jake Comer and National Vice Commander John E. Neylon. Christie addressed the audience, touching on his plans to pass more legislation to benefit veterans in the state and expressing his gratitude for the service given by those in attendance.