'Future of Credentialing' report released

'Future of Credentialing' report released

A new report from The American Legion aims to help ensure that the skills learned by servicemembers during their time in the military are considered when they seek credentials in the civilian world.

“The Future of Credentialing of Servicemembers and Veterans” includes suggestions and recommendations for key groups, such as public-private partnerships with the Department of Defense, legislators and policy makers, and employers, to “ensure that servicemembers’ high-quality learning can receive full recognition, counted toward a credential and scaled at a national level.”

The report, published in association with the Military Credentialing Advancement Initiative (MCAI), was supported by a grant from the Lumina Foundation.

A virtual webinar on March 10, in conjunction with the report’s release, included comments from MCAI ambassadors who met in person and virtually to compile recommendations “to support the recognition of military-based learning toward high-quality credential pathways” for the report.

Among the immediate and future opportunities for action highlighted in the report:

• Convene a White House Forum on Military Credentialing and Licensing to recognize military public-private partnerships, academic recognition of military learning, translation tools, state policy and emerging research trends.

• Higher education should holistically review military-based education, training and experience and determine how that can be implemented into core degree requirements.

• Industry partners and employers should continue to expand their recognition of all forms of military-based training, experience and non-traditional learning to streamline and expedite servicemember career and education pathways and reduce burden to administrators and governing agencies.

The full report is available for download here.