Ken Roberts, commander of the Department of Nevada, presents Tracey Pinson with a commemorative plaque on behalf of the Legion's Business Task Force Photo by Andy Romey

Legion Business Task Force honors Pinson

Last week in Las Vegas, The American Legion’s Business Task Force awarded a certificate of appreciation to Tracey Pinson, director of the U.S. Army’s small business programs, recognizing her outstanding leadership and efforts to advance small business benefits and entrepreneurial opportunities for veterans. In front of a lunchtime crowd of about 3,000 people at Caesars Palace, Pinson was presented a commemorative plaque by representatives from the Legion’s Washington office, the Department of Nevada and members of the Business Task Force. The group was on hand for the 6th Annual National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo.

The plaque, which was signed by Economic Division Director Joe Sharpe and Economic Commission Chairman Randall Fisher, was given to Pinson by Department of Nevada Commander Ken Roberts. Roberts was joined on stage by Sharpe, Business Task Force members and three other representatives from the Department of Nevada: Ron Davis, Mitch Roach and Ron Michalski.

Sharpe and the Business Task Force members gave the Legion a strong presence at the four-day event. Task Force members Tony Jimenez (MicroTech), Frank Mancini (IRG, Inc.), Anthony Fiorre (V2B Partners) and Dawn Halfalker (Halfalker & Associates) all had booths in the expo area of the conference. Other task force members were on hand for the presentation.

Founded in 2006, the Legion’s Business Task Force helps gather information, data and research regarding the current and future economic status of veteran businesses. Members give testimony to Congress and make recommendations to the Legion’s Economic Division for future legislative objectives.