'To Strengthen a Nation' Episode 8: Emergency Response

Since 1919, The American Legion has stepped forward to serve in the darkest of times throughout the nation. Earthquakes, mining accidents, fires, floods, a terrorist attack and global pandemic are among the many crises the organization has addressed, head-on, by providing shelter for refugees, food for the stranded, communications when lines were down and funds to help communities rebuild.

Episode 8 of “To Strengthen a Nation” traverses over a century of service by The American Legion – from deadly Mississippi River floods to Hurricanes Camille, Hugo and Katrina, along with the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

The 10-minute video, hosted by California Legionnaires Lorna Duyn and Jeric Wilhelmsen, reveals the origins of the National Emergency Fund and the civil-defense purposes of the American Legion Amateur Radio Club, among other elements of the organization’s history.

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