Legacy & Vision: American Legion history series concludes with message for the future

The newly completed final episode of “To Strengthen a Nation: The American Legion Story” returns Legionnaire hosts Lorna Duyn and Jeric Wilhelmsen to Hollywood Post 43 where their journey began. There, they recap all they have learned and encountered about the organization’s first century, with a question for those will lead the second: “Who is it today? Who is doing something today that will be remembered for 100 years, that will affect the entire country and veterans… future veterans?”

“We all can make that impact,” Duyn answers her co-host. “Every day, we can make that impact.”

The episode revisits numerous American Legion accomplishments over the last century-plus and delivers the Preamble to The American Legion Constitution, as recited by post-9/11 veterans from across the country.

The project was taken up by The American Legion 100th Anniversary Observance Committee and includes 12 episodes, followed by a prelude video that looks at veterans advocacy prior to The American Legion’s 1919 formation.

The entire series can be viewed on The American Legion YouTube channel.

The series can be viewed and downloaded from The American Legion Vimeo channel.