Mobile reading app connects veteran families through virtual story time

Mobile reading app connects veteran families through virtual story time

As COVID-19 continues to create isolation from loved ones, United Through Reading is bringing veteran families together through virtual story time.

United Through Reading, an American Legion Child Welfare Foundation grant recipient, is bringing e-books to military and veteran families using the United Through Reading mobile reading app. The app lets veterans have access to virtual story time with their children, grandchildren or other loved ones. So a veteran can record themselves reading an e-book anytime, anywhere, and send to the recipient to watch on demand when they can’t be together in person.

This is a nice way for grandparents to read to their grandchildren when social distancing or distance keeps them apart.

Download the free and secure United Through Reading app on Google Play and Apple Store. And share this flyer about the free program with American Legion members.

The American Legion’s CWF grant of $24,875 helped United Through Reading uphold its mission and provide 5,000 free books to servicemembers and veterans who read through the app. The mission of United Through Reading is to "keep military families reading together, no matter the distance between them. Families stay connected through video recordings of storytime and books, sent to military families to help ease the stress of separation, maintain positive emotional connections, and cultivate a love of reading and early childhood literacy."

Follow these four steps to begin reading:

1. Log into United Through Reading App using to verify military affiliation.

2. Select a free e-book on the app and record a story. Free books can be requested at

3. Upload a video. An email is sent to the recipient to watch on the web viewer or download to their device. The child can watch and read along with video story time on demand.

4. Send a physical copy of the book to the child through the app or at