'Get Out The Vote'

It's important for Legionnaires to support Americanism by encouraging U.S. citizens of legal age to exercise their right to vote. With 2010 midterm elections around the corner, Legion posts and members should become involved in numerous activities to "Get Out The Vote."

The American Legion's National Americanism Commission has created a "Get Out The Vote 2010" brochure to aid Legionnaires on ways to promote the message. Posts can encourage voting by becoming involved in registration drives and sponsoring town hall meetings, while Legionnaires can serve as poll volunteers or poll workers. These are only a few of the many tips the brochure features on how to encourage citizens to vote.

The "Get Out The Vote 2010" brochure can be downloaded by visiting the Legion's Web site (www.legion.org/publications). If additional quantities are needed, please contact the American Children & Youth Division by calling (317) 630-1207 or by e-mailing acy@legion.org.