Indy to welcome 2021 National Legion College class
The 2020 class of American Legion College meets in Indianapolis on Friday, Nov. 19. Photo by Ben Mikesell/The American Legion

Indy to welcome 2021 National Legion College class

The 2020 National American Legion College class graduated last month, and now it’s time for the 2021 National Legion College to meet and graduate.

The 2021 Legion College class will meet in Indianapolis, Dec. 12-17, at The American Legion National Headquarters. Throughout the week the students will enhance their knowledge of the organization and its overall mission, and learn ways to become an effective leader and mentor.

As a group, the students will meet in the National Executive Committee room on the fourth floor of the headquarters building to focus on training and engagement, membership retention, resolution writing and more. The 2021 class will graduate Friday, Dec. 17. Visit for more information.

Below is the 2021 American Legion College class. 

Alabama: James Bryant

Alaska: Pamela Cawley and Justin Mills

Arizona: Roberta Kimelton  

California: Jeffrey Daly and Jeffrey Jewell

Colorado: Tina Kyprios and Carl McGuire  

Connecticut: Thomas Moore

District of Columbia: Tweila-Rochelle Cauthen  

Florida: Willie Branch

Georgia: Mark Gelhardt and Kalynn Jacks

Idaho: Richard Dees

Illinois: Todd Latham

Indiana: Wayne Zeman

Iowa: Jennifer Monserud and  Amy Muse  

Kansas: James Snyder

Louisiana: Angela Gomon

Maine: Nancy Laffin and Leroy McKenzie  

Maryland:  Billy Hill and Charee Reckner

Massachusetts: Scott Conner

Michigan: Charles Boman and Jena Wilmers  

Minnesota:  Pamela Krill and Wade Larson

Mississippi: Bernita Barnett and Michael Fronabarger

Missouri: Gary Grigsby

Montana: Jared Flammond

Nebraska: Daniel Benes  

Nevada: Jerold Bootzin  

New Jersey: Anthony Gladden

New Mexico: Edward Torres

New York:  Steven Ayling

North Carolina: Elizabeth Hartman and Stephen Moore

Ohio: Christopher Emmons

Oklahoma:  Brett Martin and Samuel McPherson

Pennsylvania:  Jeffrey Kaylor and Douglas Reighard

South Dakota: Doug Feltman

Tennessee: Todd McKinley and Michael Testerman

Texas:  Dale Hutchcraft

Virginia:  Blair Maddrea

Washington: Robert Clark  

West Virginia:  Matthew Sampson