2023 NALC begins Sunday

2023 NALC begins Sunday

The 2023 National American Legion College (NALC) will be held Nov. 12-17 at American Legion National Headquarters in Indianapolis. The 2023 class will feature 45 American Legion members representing 38 departments.

During National American Legion College, students receive instruction through classroom lectures and small group sessions. The week-long program helps Legionnaires develop institutional knowledge, as well as build effective leadership and mentorship skills for every level of the organization. Several of the course topics include: effective leadership, mentorship and communication; critical thinking and problem solving; leadership personalities; training; conflict resolution; and resolution writing.

The following Legionnaires will be attending the 2023 NALC:

Alabama: Paul Gonthier and Jimmy Moore

Alaska: Charlene Martin

Arizona: Jaclyn Kulfan

Arkansas: Charles Eick

California: Michael Smith and Kevin Stonestreet

Colorado: Sarah Tobin

Connecticut: Michael Kellett

District of Columbia: Charles Fowler, Jr.

Georgia: Casey Nash and Danny Powell

Idaho: Charlene Kelly

Illinois: Wade Hudson and David Morris

Indiana: Stephen DeFeo and Bryce Hullett

Iowa: Cliff Barker

Kansas: Joseph Hulse

Louisiana: Derrick Brock and Corey Moore

Maine: Julie Flynn

Maryland: Orlando Nesbit and Eric Warthen Sr.

Massachusetts: Gary Fontaine

Michigan: Roger Deaton and David Yahr

Minnesota: Joseph Bares and James Hultgren

Missouri: Mark Hummer

Montana: Irene Dickerson

Nebraska: Judith Walters

New Hampshire: Myron Crossley

New Jersey: John Brouse and Sophia Dmoch

New Mexico: Jerry Kimmel

North Carolina: Darrell Bonapart and Mark Cauble

North Dakota: Mamie Havelka

Ohio: Dean Boyers and John Life

Oklahoma: Patricia Mathes-Kerr and Hayden Woods

Pennsylvania: Eric Luke and Robert Turlip Sr.

South Dakota: Christopher Van Delist

Tennessee: Tonya Launsby and Michael Testerman

Texas: Danny Muth

Vermont: William Brothers

Virginia: Geoffrey Barger and Esperanza Espinosa

West Virginia: Edward Walker

Wisconsin: Scott Markle