(Photo by Lucas Carter)

National Commander: Stand up and speak out against bullying, harassment

American Legion National Commander Charles Schmidt issued the following statement in reaction to recent allegations of U.S. Marines sharing nude photos of women, including fellow servicemembers, and harassing women online.

“The American Legion is very concerned about the allegations of misconduct stemming from investigations into the Marines United Facebook group. As veterans who have honorably served our nation, we expect that all servicemembers be treated with dignity and respect.

“We commend the Commandant of the Marine Corps for taking these allegations seriously, and we look forward to learning the results of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigation currently underway. We expect the Corps will fully support the victims in this case and hold Marines in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice accountable for their actions. We call upon all in the family of military veterans to stand up and speak out against bullying and harassment wherever it occurs.”