QR codes for quick, efficient responses

QR codes for quick, efficient responses

Those of us who previously didn’t pay much attention to those weird little black and white boxes printed on magazines, signs and flyers have now become keenly aware of QR codes. Early in the pandemic, you couldn’t see a restaurant’s menu without a QR code.

We no longer need to download a special app to translate a QR code. In most cases, all we need to do is aim a mobile-phone camera at the code, click it, and up pops a website or app that can help us do whatever we want.

Increasingly, QR codes are being printed into American Legion national media. There’s a QR code for the Legion’s Grassroots Advocacy Center that takes you to our legislative priorities and allows you to contact elected officials. A QR code was established to download the national convention app last August so visitors could keep up with the agenda. Codes appear in American Legion Magazine ads for opportunities ranging from Omaha Steaks to USAA financial services. We even had a QR code designed into the purple 2022 100 Miles for Hope bandanas participants wore in their fitness journeys and fundraising efforts for the American Legion Veterans & Children Foundation. And a QR code is now available to learn more about the Be the One campaign.

“QR” stands for quick response.

That’s why American Legion Department of New York Commander Dave Riley prominently displays a QR code on his personal vehicle, which is also wrapped in the Legion’s emblem and the department web address. The QR code simplifies it all. “Now,” Commander Riley explains, veterans “can scan the back of my car and join.”

QR codes are extremely efficient and quick. From scanning the QR code to completing a payment for renewal of dues, for instance, takes just a couple of minutes and does not depend on the mail.

Creating a QR code is not complicated. This week, The American Legion Media Alliance (TALMA) is conducting a training session from national visual media manager Holly Soria that explains how easy it is to set up a QR code and make the most of it.

If you are involved in post, district or department communications and are not yet a member of TALMA, I encourage you to join and take in some of these valuable sessions. These regular training sessions are among the benefits of TALMA membership.

As we grow ever more digital in our connections, we ease the burden and accelerate the process, which is the way consumers want to operate today. Moreover, the time previously spent on processes and transactions is time we can now fully devote to strengthening America through our advocacy, programs and services for veterans, the military, youth and patriotic communities everywhere.

For God and Country,

Vincent “Jim” Troiola

National Commander