Join our advocacy efforts in Congress

Join our advocacy efforts in Congress

Dear American Legion Family Members and Friends,

As the nation’s largest veterans service organization, The American Legion wields significant influence on Capitol Hill. That is why it is so critical that our membership is not only strong in numbers but active in advocacy.

Regardless of whether you live in Washington, D.C, Washington County in Illinois or Walla Walla in Washington state, your participation matters. And it’s easy to make your voice heard, too. Join our grassroots advocacy via The American Legion’s Grassroots Action Center. It offers information to stay informed on the issues and tools to communicate online with lawmakers and the media about our legislative priorities.

Throughout this legislative session, we will ask you to contact your members of Congress to encourage them to pass bills that our among the Legion’s priorities. Last summer, when Senate passage of the PACT Act was in doubt, American Legion members responded. More than 34,000 emails were sent, calling on senators approve the legislation. Thanks to that advocacy effort, millions of veterans — from the Vietnam era trough the Global War on Terrorism — are being compensated for their service-connected toxic exposure.

Now is a great time to sign up for the Grassroots Action Center as the legislative sessions are in full swing. Just last week, American Legion representatives testified three times on Capitol Hill.

Thank you for what you do every day to improve the lives of our fellow veterans, servicemembers and their families.

Vincent J. “Jim” Troiola

National Commander

The American Legion