50,000 disabled veterans need your support

50,000 disabled veterans need your support

Dear American Legion Family members and friends, 

Tens of thousands of medically retired veterans recently edged a step closer to receiving increased service-related payments, thanks to the House Armed Services Committee.

But their fight is far from over.

And with your help, The American Legion can play an instrumental role in securing the passage of this legislation, known as the Major Richard Star Act. It would benefit veterans who were medically retired due to combat-related injuries before they were able to serve 20 years. These veterans would receive full retirement pay and disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

I encourage you to contact your members of Congress via this easy-to-use online form and tell them to pass this legislation immediately.

The bill would reverse an unfair “tax” on medically retired veterans who are subject to an offset in retirement pay for every dollar of VA disability received. Retirement and disability are two programs with two very different intents provided for very different reasons. No one else is penalized when they receive retirement and disability concurrently.

The Richard Star Act was among The American Legion’s priorities for this session of Congress. Right now, there are 319 co-sponsors in the House who have signed onto the bill, with 122 Republicans and 197 Democrats. In the Senate, there are 66 co-sponsors who have signed on, including 22 Republicans and 42 Democrats. This type of bipartisanship is needed for this legislation to become law.

So, too, is your involvement. Just because lawmakers have expressed support doesn’t mean the bill will actually be introduced and voted on. That’s why we are counting on you to take action now by contacting your lawmakers and voicing your support to pass the Major Richard Star Act.

Let’s do it for the more than 50,000 medically retired veterans who need our assistance.

National Commander  

Vincent J. “Jim” Troiola