Seehafer to South Carolina lawmakers: Be the One!

The American Legion National Commander Daniel J. Seehafer continued his organization’s mission to prevent veteran suicide by delivering his Be the One message to a joint assembly of South Carolina lawmakers in the historic state capitol March 6.

“A veteran is 50 percent more likely to take his or her own life than a person who never served in the military,” Seehafer said. “The American Legion calls on all of us to Be the One to stop these tragedies. Be the One is not a campaign, slogan or phrase for us. It is a mission.”

Seehafer explained the importance of buddy checks to communicate with veterans who may be feeling isolated or withdrawn. “Veterans value courage and it takes courage to ask for help. Through our buddy check outreach programs, The American Legion does not sit back and wait for veterans to ask us. We ask them! We take a pro-active approach and start conversations with veterans.” He added that if a veteran is struggling with thoughts of suicide, the buddy will connect that veteran with the resources he or she needs for treatment.

Seehafer saluted South Carolina legislators for providing property tax exemption to certain disabled veterans and for a bill which calls for the military to do more to assist veterans as they transition from the military to civilian society.

He concluded his remarks by recognizing South Carolina State Sen. Mike Fanning and State Rep. Sylleste H. Davis as the American Legion Department of South Carolina 2024 Outstanding Members of the Legislature.