Connect with the commander

During his stint as national commander, Clarence Hill stressed the need for himself and Legionnaires everywhere to embrace social media Web sites like Facebook. Current National Commander Jimmie Foster is following in his predecessor's footsteps.

Foster recently entered the world of social networking with the launch of his Facebook page. There, Legionnaires and Facebook users from all over the world can connect with the commander, allowing them to receive updates from him as he travels the country and represents the nation's largest veterans organization. Visit his page and click the "Like" button in the top right corner of the page to become a fan. "Fans" of the commander can receive status updates from him in real time, view his personal photos from the road, follow his schedule in the events calendar and interact with him and other Legionnaires.

Just as they were during Hill's tenure, Legionnaires are asked to follow the commander's example and embrace social media. Not only are social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook good avenues to attract younger veterans, they're also mediums that facilitate interaction among fellow members and instill a sense of unity within the Legion's membership ranks. Connect to the commander on his Facebook page and join up with Foster and Legionnaires everywhere.