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More recovery coordinators for veterans

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki has announced the hiring of five new Federal Recovery Coordinators, bringing to 20 the number of professionals coordinating care for the most seriously injured servicemembers.

"Our Federal Recovery Coordinators are key members of a team of health-care professionals, therapists, case managers and other specialists who make up VA's comprehensive care management system for returning servicemembers and their families," Shinseki said in a statement.

The new coordinators will be added to the following locations, with the total number of coordinators in each location indicated in parenthesis:


  • Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Ga. (3)
  • San Antonio Military Medical Center, Texas, (4)
  • Naval Medical Center, San Diego, (4)
  • Tampa VA Medical Center (VAMC), Fla. (1)
  • Bethesda, National Naval Medical Center, Md. (3)
  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center, D.C. (3)
  • Houston VAMC, (1)
  • Providence VAMC, R.I. (1)


The Federal Recovery Coordinators program was created in 2007 to assist servicemembers, veterans and their families in accessing care, services and benefits provided by VA, DoD, other federal agencies, states and the private sector. Currently, the coordinators work with 419 of the most seriously injured servicemembers and veterans. The program is administered by VA and operated jointly with DoD.

The program's clients include servicemembers and veterans who are receiving acute care at military treatment facilities, diagnosed with specific injuries or conditions, considered at risk for psychological complication, or likely to benefit from a recovery plan.