(Photo by Lucas Carter)

Faust receives Legion firefighter award

On Aug. 28, Damon Faust of Clackamas, Ore., received the American Legion National Firefighter of the Year Award at the 100th National Convention in Minneapolis. The award has been given through the Legion's National Security program since 2010.

Faust started as a volunteer firefighter with Estacada (Ore.) Rural Fire District 69 in 2016. He has developed a district "Veterans to Firefighters" program that uses fire services and commitment to the community as transition aids for former servicemembers. Faust himself is an Army veteran and Legionnaire; while serving with the 3rd Infantry Division in Baghdad in 2005, he rescued two badly injured civilians from a burning building.

"I'm extremely, extremely honored (to receive) this award," Faust said. "But we all know there are folks out there on the lines doing as much, if not more, going unrecognized."

Learn more about the Legion's National Security program and platforms at www.legion.org/security.