A musical, theatrical journey back to the origins of The American Legion

A musical, theatrical journey back to the origins of The American Legion opened the 100th National Convention in Minneapolis. A video of the opening ceremony is available for viewing, downloading and sharing on The American Legion's Vimeo channel here

The journey through time features World War I era music, dance and a dramatic monologue by Troupe America, which featured a re-enactor who portrayed Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., a pivotal founder of the organization. At the end of the performance, Theodore Roosevelt IV, chairman of The American Legion’s 100th Anniversary Honorary Committee, took the stage and saluted the man portraying his grandfather, the president’s son who went on after helping form The American Legion to earn the Medal of Honor in Normandy, France, during World War II.

“(My grandfather) could not place a period on his service – a period that might leave the men who returned home without comfort and aid. He knew their service demanded more of all of us; it demanded that we remember our veterans and their families – with concrete action, concrete action that does not falter, that does not waiver, that is not subject to the whims of politics – that belongs to neither party and to no ambition other than memory and duty. And that, I am very proud to say, is the heart and soul of The American Legion, now entering its second tour of duty, its second hundred years,” Roosevelt said.