Post visits to be rewarded

The District Commander Post Visitation Award is an incentive for personal visits to posts by district commanders and vice commanders. The desired result is a personal visit to each post in a given district by either the district commander or, in bigger districts, one of the district vice commanders. Personal contact at this level sets the example for post membership workers to make the personal contacts necessary for a successful membership program.


To qualify for the award, the district commander and/or vice commanders must visit each post in the district during their year. For districts with more than 30 posts, the district vice commanders can assist in making visits, but the district commander must visit at least 30 of the posts personally.


A list of posts in each district can be obtained with the assistance of department headquarters. The list will be mailed in spreadsheet format to each district commander. At the completion of the 100-percent visit requirement, the district commander will send the completed spreadsheet to the department, which will forward it to National Headquarters by Aug. 2, 2013.


Each district commander who achieves the 100-percent visit requirement will receive a certificate recognizing the achievement. There are five categories of recognition, and five additional prizes awarded based on a drawing of the eligible district commanders in each category. The categories are: districts with up to 20 posts, districts with 21 to 35 posts, districts with 36 to 50 posts, districts with 51 to 65 posts, and districts with 65 or more posts. The commander drawn from the group of 100-percent commanders in each category will receive a gift certificate from Emblem Sales. The amount of the certificate recognizes the increased difficulty in achieving the award in larger districts.

  • Category 1 (up to 20 posts) – $100
  • Category 2 (21 to 35 posts) – $200
  • Category 3 (36 to 50 posts) – $300
  • Category 4 (51 to 65 posts) – $400
  • Category 5 (65 or more posts) – $500