Legion continues support for Superstorm Sandy victims

The American Legion has processed 17 new National Emergency Fund claims from Legion Family members following Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Isaac.

Ten grants went to Isaac victims totaling $5,000 and seven grants totaling $4,750 went to Sandy survivors. Total payout from the fund was $9,750. Earlier, 34 grants had been processed, with more than $23,500 distributed.

American Legion Post 169 in Oneida, N.Y., is an example of a post that has helped with fundraisers for victims of Superstorm Sandy.

Post 94 has been serving food and giving people a warm place to stay since the disaster, the Oneida Dispatch reported. The post is feeding members from three or four posts in the Babylon, N.Y., area that haven’t been functional since the massive storm struck.

 “It’s important for us to act as a community to help people affected by this devastation,” Susan Fidler, vice president of the Oneida Legion Auxiliary.

Departments are encouraged to assign or seek volunteers to be department NEF coordinators who can travel and assist fellow Legion members in the processing and submission of NEF applications. Any questions regarding the development of state NEF coordinators, or the fund, can be directed to David W. Elmore at 317.630.1376.

In other news:
OCW fundraising: About $220,000 has been raised toward National Commander Jim Koutz’s fundraising goal of a half million dollars for Operation Comfort Warriors during his 2012-13 term. Additionally, rodeo champion Trevor Knowles is wearing an OCW patch as he competes in the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.

Legion Baseball: Steve Cloud, assistant director for American Legion Baseball, will attend the USA Baseball Annual Board of Directors meeting in Durham, N.C., on Dec. 11. Involvement with USA Baseball and its board provides the Legion a voice and networking opportunity among representatives of other youth baseball organizations and Major League Baseball.

Membership and DMS Program: The current 2013 traditional membership total is 1,582,437, which is 79.3 of the 2013 goal.  The 75 percent target date is Dec. 12, and 44 departments have already met this target.

The 2013 Membership Year began on July 1, 2012. This report reflects responses being tracked for the new membership year.  All of the 5.1 million pieces scheduled for the first 2013 DMS mailing were mailed as of July 3, 2012. Approximately 3.1 million additional pieces were mailed by Sept. 21. Responses from that mailing are being processed now.  The third DMS mailing for the 2013 Membership Year was completed on Nov. 9. About 2.8 million pieces were mailed at that time.

• DMS Acquires: Prospects: 76,407; Expires: 45,942; Total: 122,349 (up from 113,241 a week ago)
• 2013 Goal: 210,000; percent of goal: 58.26 (up from 53.9 percent a week ago

Current Renewal Rate for 2012 DMS Members: 37.60% (up from 36.3 percent last week)

On-Line Renewal Activity: 2013 Membership Year On-Line Renewals (since July 1):139,694, up from 136,725 last week

Sons: The Sons of The American Legion membership for 2013 currently stands at 145,845 members or 41.3 percent as of Dec. 5. (That’s up from 37.4 percent last week.) The next membership target date is Dec. 12.