NEF surpasses 300 grants for Sandy victims

The American Legion National Emergency Fund (NEF) processed 89 claims last week for Superstorm Sandy Legion Family victims in New Jersey and New York.

Total NEF figures to date for departments are as follows:

  • New York  158 grants, totaling $120,937
  • New Jersey  147 grants, totaling $174,050
  • Pennsylvania  one grant, totaling $500
  • Delaware  one grant, totaling $500

Grant requests must be submitted through the proper channels and reach National Headquarters within 90 days of the date of the disaster. NEF grants are available for paid up American Legion and SAL member, if displaced by the declared natural disaster. Eligible members can receive a grant to cover housing costs, food and clothing monies, not to exceed $1,500. Once the grant application is received to National Headquarters, it will be processed. If approved, the check will be sent by first class mail the same day to the member’s department headquarters for distribution by the designated department representative.

Members can download grant applications and get more information at

In other news:

Child Welfare Foundation: Financial support of the Child Welfare Foundation will directly benefit children; 100 percent of each donation goes to award grants to nonprofit organizations serving children. For example, Darkness to Light of Charleston, S.C., was awarded $45,486 for its project "Helping Military Families Prevent Child Abuse." This grant will produce and distribute 15,000 sets of child abuse prevention educational materials customized for military families to 33 Armed Forces YMCAs in the United States.

Tax deductable contributions may be sent to: Child Welfare Foundation, PO Box 1055, Indianapolis, IN 46206. More information can be found at

Membership and DMS program: The current 2013 traditional membership total is 1,747,206, which is 87.5 percent of the 2013 goal.

A DMS package was distributed to 550,000 prospects and 1.1 million expired members on Jan. 31. Based on the three DMS mailings in 2013, we have acquired 83,423 prospects and 49,799 expires, totaling 133,222. Our 2013 goal is 210,000; percentage of goal is 63.43 percent.

Current renewal rate for 2012 DMS members: 43.17 percent (81,864 of 189,685 new 2012 members)

Online renewal activity: 2013 membership year online renewals (since July 1, 2012) are 159,308

Sons of The American Legion: As of Jan. 31,Sons of The American Legion membership for 2013 currently stands at 235,799 members or 66.7 percent. The Sons are running 829 members behind of this same date last year.