News from Fall Meetings

During The American Legion’s Fall Meetings, Oct. 14-17, scholarships and grants were awarded, history contest winners were announced, resolutions were passed and donations poured in.

Samsung Scholarship. The Samsung American Legion Scholarship awarded nine youth with $20,000 each to be used toward undergraduate studies. An additional 89 finalists were awarded $1,100 each.

Child Welfare Foundation. In its 59th year, The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation awarded $644,005 to 21 nonprofit organizations whose mission is to care for the overall well-being of youth.

Centennial Celebration website. Since its launch during National Convention, 36 out of the 55 Legion departments and 78 posts are represented on the website .

Operation Comfort Warriors. The Department of Indiana donated nearly $3,000 and Sons of The American Legion Detachment of New York donated $3,410.

National Post History and National Department History contests. There were 37 total entries among four categories, down from 47 last year. Four departments and six posts won in their respective category.

Resolutions. The National Executive Committee passed 32 resolutions; they can be viewed in the Legion’s digital archive.