New NEF kits being delivered

National Headquarters is sending out new National Emergency Fund (NEF) response kits to departments in support of National Commander Dan Dellinger’s primary fundraising campaign.

Departments are strongly encouraged to develop National Emergency response coordinators at the department and district levels. These kits have been designed with those coordinators in mind.

The NEF kits include helpful brochures and supplemental materials that cover preparation, NEF processing and other activities that a department and post can do for their communities when disaster strikes.

The brochures describe how to set up an NEF response team, locate affected Legion Family members, assist victims in filling out NEF applications and generate good public relations. Also included is a checklist of items to bring, a sample press release, NEF applications and a worksheet to assist in tracking recovery operations.

Departments such as Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana will receive 15 kits and departments such as Utah and Wyoming will receive five. Distribution totals are based upon the frequency of disasters that each state has had in the past 20 years.

Additional kits are available upon request via email to The brochures are also available for download.

In other news:

Temporary Financial Assistance: After tornadoes struck Moore, Okla., this year, Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) helped veterans and their children affected by this large-scale disaster. From May 22 to Aug. 6, TFA assisted 260 families with $269,000 in cash grants to cover emergency expenses such as food, clothing, temporary housing, supplies and fuel for generators.

Supplemental rosters: The October American Legion Supplemental rosters are being printed and mailed this week to departments. Listed on the rosters is any activity since the first printing of a post’s roster in April of this year.

American Legion Baseball: Since 1926, Major League Baseball has honored the American Legion World Series champions. The 2013 national championship team from Brooklawn, N.J., sponsored by Post 72, received the Commissioner’s Award before Game Two at Fenway Park in Boston.

Membership and DMS Program: The 2014 traditional membership goal is 2,001,806. Membership as of Oct. 24 is 1,308,605, which is 65.37 percent of the 2014 membership goal.

DMS Program 2014: The 2014 membership year began on July 1, 2013. The first DMS mailing for the 2014 year was completed on Aug. 19.

DMS Acquires: 13,693 prospects, 27,269 expires, 40,962 total

2014 Goal: 101,500 (40.3 percent of goal)

Current Renewal Rate for 2013 DMS Members: 30.6 percent (53,768 of 175,430 new 2013 members)

On-Line Renewal Activity: 2014 Membership Year On-Line Renewals (since July 1): 131,749

Sons of The American Legion: The Sons of The American Legion membership for 2014 stands at 80,608 members or 22.7 percent on Oct. 24, which is 1,895 members behind this same date last year.