A year of selfless giving

The American Legion’s support for U.S. servicemembers and their families goes beyond lobbying for VA benefits, jobs and education opportunities. The Legion’s Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) program is a perfect example of that support. In 2013, TFA disbursed more than $1 million in grants, assisting 2,080 minor children throughout the United States.

The generosity of Legion Family members and the Legion’s Endowment Fund Corporation made it possible for the Legion to provide shelter, food and clothing to those families in need. Thank you for your selfless donations.

The TFA program was established in 1925 to provide cash grants for the basic needs of minor children in homes where at least one parent is a veteran eligible for Legion membership. Membership in the organization, however, is not a requirement to receive a TFA grant. The program has awarded nearly $7 million in grant money since 9/11, fulfilling immediate, urgent needs for families such as shelter, utilities, food and clothing.

We hear the heartwrenching stories of those needing TFA assistance, such as the father who returned home from serving our country only to receive a job that paid considerably less than his previous position, resulting in the family losing their home. The Legion’s TFA program immediately provided assistance to the family, paying the deposit and first months rent on an apartment the family could afford.

We also hear how the Legion’s financial support positively impacted the lives of those in need. One family wrote, "We want to give you all such a huge thank you for your help to our little family. Your help is a burden lifted and a smile on our faces. We feel very humbled that you helped us. We are forever grateful. Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts."

Veterans and their families need our support. Let them know we are there for them by donating to the TFA program or by helping a family in need fill out a TFA application. Learn more online: www.legion.org/financialassistance