A message from membership: Give public recognition

"Departments, districts and posts oftentimes have membership recruitment incentive programs to give Legionnaires a reward for their hard work. An important part of (the incentive) is giving public recognition when somebody reaches a goal, or someone does a good job with membership. It’s not enough that we send them a check or give them a pin – they need to be recognized at that post meeting, at that district meeting or at department functions for the good job they have done in recruiting.

"Put a spotlight on the Legionnaire even if it’s only for a few minutes to tell everybody else what a good job they did (with membership recruitment) to encourage others to do the same."

Kenneth Orrock, chairman of The American Legion’s National Membership & Post Activities Committee

Share how your post is recognizing its members. Send an email to: dispatch@legion.org

Watch American Legion membership videos online: www.legion.org/recruiting