Legionnaire personally funds memberships

Bob Greene, commander of Post 6 in Grand Forks, N.D., wanted to introduce The American Legion’s mission and establish networking opportunities with servicemembers stationed at Grand Forks Air Force Base. Greene accomplished his goal by proposing an idea to leadership at the Air Force base: to award a yearlong American Legion membership to the installation’s "Warrior of the Week."

The Warrior of the Week program at Grand Forks Air Force Base recognizes outstanding military personnel at the base, as well at nearby Cavalier Air Station.

By providing a free yearlong membership into the Legion, Post 6 is "rewarding servicemembers who go above and beyond their service to our country," Greene said. "It associates The American Legion with recognizing excellence in service, and it leaves a lasting impression on the servicemember."

Post 6 started providing free memberships in January and projects to award up to 50 new memberships a year. Due to being a small post with limited income, Greene is personally paying for all the new memberships – nearly $1,638 a year. "It’s the right thing to do," Greene said. "Additionally, awarding the Legion membership to the installation’s Warrior of the Week continues to strengthen Post 6’s relationship with Grand Forks Air Force Base."

Since January, 26 Air Force servicemembers have been awarded a free Legion membership into Post 6.