T-shirt sells Legion membership

When past American Legion Department of Idaho Commander Rolland Adams wasn’t sporting a suit and tie during Legion business travels, he wore his favorite T-shirt – a Marine veteran shirt featuring the Legion emblem and the message, "Still Serving America." Adams said his branch of service shirt sells Legion membership because it attracts questions.

"I like that it has the branch of service on it and The American Legion emblem," Adams said. "I dress exactly like this a lot."

Adams said no other shirt that he owns attracts Legion membership questions like his Army veteran shirt, saying he has signed up several members and left many other people with membership applications and information booklets about the Legion.

"At gas stations and traveling around Idaho as department commander, someone would start talking to me because they saw that I am a Marine," Adams said. "I give everyone membership applications or sign them up on the spot.

The T-shirts, sold through American Legion Emblem Sales, are available for Army, Marine, Navy and Air Force veterans. Purchase your T-shirt for $10.95 online and begin attracting Legion membership by visiting here.