Take down Hep C

The American Legion has joined the national movement "Take Down Hep C" to educate all veterans about the risk factors associated with Hepatitis C and to encourage Hep C antibody testing. The campaign is made possible with support from AbbVie, Inc., a national corporate alliance of The American Legion.

Studies have shown that a higher prevalence of Hep C is seen in veterans versus civilians. Veterans are at a higher risk due to:

  • Exposure to contaminated blood on the battlefield.
  • Blood transfusions, blood product or organ transplant before 1992.
  • Accidental needle stick injuries in health-care settings.
  • Sharing of personal items, such as razors or toothbrushes.

Studies also show that:

  • More than 5 percent of veterans enrolled in VA health care have Hep C, a blood-borne virus that causes inflammation of the liver, which can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.
  • Up to 75 percent of people with chronic Hep C in the United States do not know they have it.
  • Most people living with the virus have no symptoms following infection.

The Hep C virus is curable but the key is getting tested. To learn more about Hep C risk factors, why it’s important to get tested and how to join the fight to Take Down Hep C, visit: www.legion.org/takedownhepc